1. The west wind.2. A gentle breeze.3. Any of various soft light fabrics, yarns, or garments, especially a lightweight, checked gingham fabric.4. Something that is airy, insubstantial, or passing.

It’s just after midnight and now April 30. I’m glad. I’m glad because yesterday was a milestone in my life, in my journey of healing.

Yesterday marked the day, two years ago, that I found out about HUSBAND’s double life – that he was a cheater – that he had a relationship with another woman in every sense of the word.

The day came roaring up in some ways, yet snuck up all at once too. I saw it coming, I dreaded it coming, yet all of the sudden it was here and in front of me without me really knowing. We have all the kids at home right now…ready to celebrate the graduation of one of the tribe…and the focus on changing linens and making sure cat fur was vacuumed up and everyone got their favorite room and we had all the right food made me forget for a minute that this was a day to be remembered, to be marked.


As I looked around at one of the intermissions of the blessed chaos, it hit me with a SWOOSH that this could have looked so different. It could have been such a different day for me. For HUSBAND. For the graduate and all the other kiddos. It could have been a day of dread by the kids, wondering how they could negotiate between their separate parents at a single event and time. It could have been a day when I was forced to look at the person (or one of the persons) who had decided covenants weren’t for keeping and when I may have had to watch HUSBAND play role of lover to another woman. It could have been a day of tension, of terseness, of jockeying for position and fighting for affection and…desperately…seeking…love…


But instead, the day was like a zephyr. Like a gentle breeze I watched my beautiful children interact with care and fun and depth. HUSBAND and I have a rhythm now, and things flow amongst us and our home and our family without fits and starts like in the past-even though I wasn’t able to see the ruffles when I was living them. Now, the colors of our lives are woven into beautiful fabrics that cover, but don’t bind. That fit, but leave room for growth.


So rather than pour in and gush over me and us like a rogue wave, this marker day wafted over airily…zephyr-like, kind of insubstantial in light of the glory of being with those I love.

Two years…two years and we are all finding our way.


17 thoughts on “Zephyr

  1. I am coming up on my one year d-day. I am not sure I will be able to handle it with as much beauty and grace as you, but you have inspired me to try. Thank you for such a beautiful motivational post. ❤️

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    1. Leigh…allow yourself freedom to be/feel. Last year was very different than this year. We had no graduation or other big distraction, and it was the first and it was hard. HUSBAND was extremely thoughtful and humble which made it less difficult – he swung with my emotions – and i hope and wish this for you. xo

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    2. Your family will be blessed by your decision. If your husband has any doubts as to how fortunate he is, please reach out. and I’ll tell him my story. Which you all now know!

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  2. Sorry that the anniversary coincided with the graduation, but as you describe it it seems it worked out well this way. It made those awful memories, instead of enlarged by the dreaded date, “insubstantial in light of the glory of being with those I love” (gorgeously put by the way). It might have been much more difficult, much more painful if all the joyful family chores and events don’t take your mind off the date. Sigh. I hate that we have to be mindful of days that used to be just like any other days, and could now be only signified by wonderful things such as the graduation – instead of… well, you know.

    I continuously admire your strength and grace in how you are cruising these waters. Hugs to you, lovely SS.

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  3. Certain dates on the calendar can be so triggering! I love your beautiful description of having the day simply swoosh by. Having the kids back home can fill a house with joy. I’m glad you had some joyful moments and created new memories.

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  4. That’s beautiful. I’m so happy for you and your family. I wish my story had turned out that way but… At least I know I won’t have to see him at Rock Star’s graduation in 2 years.

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