I yearn.

I yearn for a country of kindness and a community of care. I yearn for kids to connect with each other and with playing – really playing not pushing buttons on a box and watching an image someone else designed. I yearn for people to look each other in the eyes and see the heart of the human and to have compassion.


I yearn for integrity and sacrifice from myself. From those I know. From those I elect. From those I listen to on Sundays and those that teach our children and those that enforce our laws.


I yearn for places that animals can roam and flowers can grow wild. I yearn for ideas from the people to be percolated and considered not thrust aside as meaningless or naïve. I yearn for leaders to listen but, even more, to hear and for the same radical change that we’ve dared to embrace in technology and gaming and communication to happen in education and healthcare and politics.

I yearn for peace…peace that passes all understanding that comes from facing pain and grieving loss and then knowing there is love. To know the LOVE that wrote our names in red as He gave His very life to provide the salve for our wounds.


I yearn for gentleness and grace and mercy and kindness. For cheaters to see the pain that is inside them and face it and deal with it instead of passing it on to other victims. I yearn for addicts to peel back their wounds and look boldly into the vortex of their agony and to reach out and heal and walk in courage.

I yearn. Do you?


22 thoughts on “Yearn.

      1. Ha. That reminds me of what that WTC posted on FB after she found out that Loser had betrayed her.
        It was something like “sometimes you meet somebody who ignites that inner fire that you thought died long ago.” LOL (It came to me second hand.)
        I’m sure getting checks for thousands of dollars sure ignited something.

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  1. A lovely post. I do yearn, but I believe there is much more I can do to make change around me. Or maybe it is only me that I can change and hope that the positive energy goes out into the universe so those who yearn can find inner peace. I love the photo of the child placing his hand in the palm.

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  2. Beautiful! Yes, you are not alone, I too yearn for the same things. Interesting how several expressed given up and abandoning those same yearnings. Life can jade us and change cannot be forced. We can only change what we can control and that is ourselves. However, there is no reason we cannot be an influence to those around us. We can only wish that how we comport our own affairs will be absorbed by others. Parenting taught me that. Sigh.

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    1. We can only change what we can control, which is only ourselves. So true. And we do have the power of influence…however great that may be…which is often greater than we realize. HUGS!

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