Weight of offenses against you.

Weight of misdeeds, intentional and not, curled in and through your being.

Weight of abandonment. Of abuse.

Of corruption. Of deceit. Of exploitation. Of injustice. Of perversion and manipulation. Of hatefulness and rage and retaliation. Of resentment and vengeance. Of scorn and mockery and neglect.

Of infidelity. Of betrayal and collusion.

Of exposure.

Of distortion and evasion and slander.

Of selfishness. And ill will. And disdain.

Weight of grief.

15 thoughts on “.Weight.

  1. It’s called “dead weight.” How long did we carry that dead weight around with us? We got rid of the killer but we were left having to carry a bag of unrealized hopes, dreams, wishes and broken hearts. Thanks, assholes.

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  2. I always wondered why the emotions, behind such powerful words and deeds, were so hard to untangle or untie and release. Now I understand it is because they are more like stones. I suppose we need to visit an ocean, a lake or a creek and do some major skipping with those stones. If only to defy their weight for mere seconds at time.
    Peace to you, dear.

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  3. The grief…so heavy. Grief for all that has been lost. The time, the memories, the closeness, the opportunities, the togetherness. All we can do is to release the weight of it stone by stone. One at a time. ❤️

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  4. Such a powerful image SS, it depicts the solid weight we carry inside our bodies and minds so very graphically.

    Your words are so powerfully descriptive of our agony.
    Offences, misdeeds, abandonment, corruption, deceit, exploitation, injustice, perversion, manipulation, hatefulness, rage, retaliation, resentment, vengeance, scorn, mockery, neglect, infidelity, betrayal, collusion, exposure, distortion, evasion, slander, selfishness, ill will, disdain, grief.

    The only other word I think belongs here is FILTH. It’s the filth that seems to have broken me most. Those mental images and the echos of his voice telling me what he did… They haunt me.

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