There is a place I always want to go.


There, when I’m here. And when I’m there now I’m here, and I find another there. It’s an odd reality – there is always another there, yet it never looks quite like I thought it would, so instead, I want to be – there.


Is it just me, or do many of us want to go there and then there and then there yet we never get there?


Or, if we do sometimes get there, we realize we never wanted to be there at all, yet here we are.


And deep inside we wonder how we got there at all.


I am not sure. But.


19 thoughts on “There.

  1. This is weird. Just yesterday, I was thinking…..”I think I’d like to move back to Florida.” I was thinking I would sell everything I had and just take off. So what did I do? I found an antique brass bed for my apartment…and bought it.
    What an idiot!

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  2. Have you read Eckhart Tolle, the Power of Now? Now is the only time we have influence over. It is futile wondering about there, check out the “here” where you are now, and if you don’t like it, change, so that where you end up is the “there” that you desire. Not entirely sure that that is going to help you now, but it might in the future. What a paradox I have writen there. Blessings Joy

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    1. I have greatly enjoyed Eckhart Tolle’s work. And I agree…they are intimately wrapped into each other. I’m working really hard on here, and now…but still have to fight off the ghosts of there and then 🙂

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  3. You want to be “there” because it isn’t “here”. Here has too much pain. There is neutral. Nothing has happened yet.
    This has nothing to do with cheating but a person in my extended family hurt someone horribly. I thought it was going to tear the family up. Distraught does not convey what I felt. I was so angry on behalf of the person hurt and had no idea what to do or say. After a couple weeks I knew it was damaging me physically so for the first time I tried a visualization and it worked. I put the problem in a “box” to think about later. Six months later I was ready to say what needed to be said. I also Saw that the person who was hurt was gracious enough to slowly come back into the family. Most of the trust is back but not all of it. I suppose we learn as we go that perfection is a myth. Kindness and thoughtfulness aren’t however. The guilty party has worked to be kinder and more mindful. Even though I was not the recipient I have accepted that we all lose a little gloss and I lost a little trust as well.

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  4. Sometime I wish I could peel out of myself for a day. Just take a break from my thoughts, my life, and the pain he caused. Your post made me think of that.
    Since the beginning of understanding who my husband really was, and what he had carelessly done to our family, I’ve had this vision of unzipping my body off of me and stepping out of it. I see it behind me, it is heavy, piled on top of itself, down on the floor and I walk away to breathe and be free and to forget, for just a moment, I have to pull it back on and live in it forever and it’s heavy with emotions and stress.

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    1. IfOnly…wow. That is a powerful and impactful visual. I have felt EXACTLY the same way. And when I do get weary it is when I realize I never ever will be able to. It does fade…I promise…but unexpectedly BOOM there it is again. This is work I’m trying to do now, accepting that reality.


      1. Thanks. It is better a lot! There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future. That bothers me and when our children are sad it really gets to me. My tears and sadness left long ago. I just get lonely at times. I like being married and I liked parenting with my husband in those brief times he was present. Letting go of that has been hard but I’ve got this 😊.
        *sorry about my spelling errors…proofreading is not my strongest skill😉!

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        1. Yes…the kids…so hard to see their pain too. You will thrive…I know you will…and they will too. But grief is real, and I encourage you to allow yourself…and those precious babies…to process…xo

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