Hard Things

This has been a hard few weeks.

But my Father whispers, Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.

Hard things are first-world problems like my plane getting delayed and then delayed again and then canceled and then rerouted and the rerouted plane getting delayed and delayed again so that the connection was nearly missed and it was the last flight out to NYC for the night yet I finally arrived…5 ½ hours late and thinking the tide had changed…until my bag didn’t arrive and the massive delays and ensuing back up of flights resulted in an hour ½ wait for an Uber.

Hard things are sitting with a precious friend who had been excited to join her husband the next week on a little getaway before she faced a major surgery…until she discovered a social media posting by her husband’s former-but-not-so-former-lover at that same getaway place using all kinds of hashtags that made the illicit relationship clear.

Hard things are hearing my aging mom struggle with her purpose at this stage, saying that she wishes she was with my dad and that she lays in bed at night wondering why she is here.

Hard things are knowing that dear friends with whom we have shared a lifetime of marriage and kids and holidays and prayers and graduations and weddings and hopes and dreams are now considering those dreams may be over and watching the rippling out of pain across generations and places that they can’t really see because they are in the center of the storm.

Hard things are anniversaries of finding out the life I’d lived for just about the entirety of adulthood was based on illusions and lies and being triggered to uncertainty and doubt and knowing that double life is done but wondering if the triggers will ever go away. Completely.

But my Father whispers, Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.

And so can you, beautiful girl. You can do hard things.

Beautiful Girl Can Do HARD THINGS

17 thoughts on “Hard Things

  1. Believe your Father’s whispers. They are breathing new life and strength into you every day. You can do hard things. You have done hard things. And you are doing hard things. Wonderfully and beautifully. Hugs and blessings to you.

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  2. Oh my dearest Susan…you write the words of my life right now. Coming up to Dday anniversary number 2 and I wonder….how many more hard things must I do? Much love sweet friend. Thank you for this beautiful post.

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    1. Oh…those antiversaries…grateful for distractions! I will write about the beautiful reality that this last one ended up being… Receiving your love…and sending some back! Hugs


  3. Hard time of year here as well. Reading this at the perfect time. Thank you. Sending love and empathy to your friend. I hope her surgery goes well and that she eats and puts one foot in front of the other. Triggers don’t seem to have the same power five plus years out, but are still here. Maybe year six is when they go away completely. A girl can dream, right? -Jules

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