Father’s Day – Then. Now.

Father’s Day, 2014. Oh it was an excruciating time. The pain of discovering a lifetime of infidelity was still fresh, and we were only a couple weeks from having told our children (January, 2016:  Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.)

Daughter was gracious. Daughter was hurt. Daughter was conflicted. Daughter wrote this on her blog:



Father’s Day, 2016. But today, TODAY daughter knows a father transformed. Or a father, as she puts it, who is free because he is living in the design of the Creator. Here is what our daughter wrote on our facebook today:

Two years ago, celebrating Father’s Day was hard. I had just found out that there was another side to the goofy, laid-back, gentle, and sweet father of mine. I had just learned that he made some terrible decisions that deeply altered our entire family. And I was learning what it meant to love (read: forgive) THAT dad, instead of the dad I thought I knew.

Well, two years later, I get to love the best father that I never knew I didn’t have. He’s the best dad by loving Jesus first–living in awe of His sacrifice and grace every day. He’s the best dad by loving my mom second–putting her needs above his own and always making sure she knows she is adored. He’s the best dad by loving his kids third–always there to make us laugh, be a calming force, and tell a good (bad) joke.

I am so proud of my dad. He is 100% a completely different man than the one I grew up with. All his wonderful personality traits are in tact (the reasons my mom fell in love with him!) but the way he loves his God, his wife, and his family are entirely new. My husband grew up without a father, and I am very glad that we both now have a powerful example of what a father should be. The thing is, my dad is far from perfect. He’s not even close. But what he did and what he does are two entirely different things. And what he does now is pour himself into his faith and his marriage. The result is a dad who both experiences grace and gives it out.

When he walked me down the aisle at my wedding, I was beaming with pride, because I knew that this was a man who understands the depth, weight, significance, sacrifice, and beauty of marriage. When he and my mom “gave me away” to Tim, they did so with endless prayer for our marriage, but also an intense knowledge of the covenant we were entering into.

When you’ve had to forgive your dad, you learn to love him in a new way. In a strange way, I am grateful for the mistakes that he made because they’ve allowed me to see my dad be totally enraptured by the mercy of God. And getting to love THAT dad is an indescribable gift.

I love you, Dad. Happy dad’s day.



16 thoughts on “Father’s Day – Then. Now.

  1. Wow, powerful. How amazing to be an example of marriage to your children; not a “perfect” marriage but a strong one that has been through such a trial and yet continued.

    I think it likely that many, if not most, marriages will experience infidelity of some form. Your children and those around you are lucky to know that it is a storm that can be weathered.

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  2. Very touching and moving.

    I think you and your daughter express well in your writing that we are literally there along with you both.

    It is really a close shave that your husband might miss the opportunity walking down the aisle with your daughter if not for that anonymous letter. Bless this writer of the letter.

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    1. Oh ponder…I bless the author of that letter every day. EVERY DAY. I only wish I knew the identity so I could sit at their feet in gratefulness for their courage. I had no idea the reality of my marriage…and HUSBAND was destined to continue on a path of personal (and rippled out to our children…me…friends…business relationships…) destruction. The author of that anonymous email is a hero…a HERO. HUGS.

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  3. I am curious

    How did your husband feel when he walked down the aisle with your daughter? Did he reflect on the past ? Is it surreal?

    Anyway I am glad for you that the writer came forward in time.

    Lord is good all the time.

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    1. We have had occasion to attend several weddings since we began our journey of healing and honesty and new marriage. The first few were excruciating…so incredibly painful for me, and welling up deep shame for HUSBAND. Walking his girl down the aisle with no more pretensions, no more lies, and knowing he is loved flaws and all was, indeed, surreal. But good. Soon after we revealed the story to the kids, daughter wasn’t sure she wanted her dad to accompany her. But as she saw the healing between us unfold, and her dad’s humility and vulnerability toward all he loves take root, she knew she wanted him – because now? It was real.


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