Revealed betrayals that were repeated and repeated

Led to a ruptured heart

And reduced me to a remnant of myself



And then there was radical regret

And then there was radical regard for the ramifications of choices along the way

And then there was radical responsibility acknowledged

And then there was radical reconstruction with him

With me

With us

I was on a roundabout and could have gotten off

Considered removing myself as I went round and round and round

Yet remained

And the result is his redemption

The result is my rescue from repose


Revulsion to the remembrances of the life-rape resonate…

But reverence to the reconciliation of two souls is



14 thoughts on “Real

  1. great as always…

    Could not help myself….my son ended up with a less extravagant cooked breakfast….

    Focused on positives….the R-words have a lot of negatives.

    recover, rebound, rebuild, repair, reform, restart, reaching (out), readiness, re-attach, rebirth, recognise, reconnect, reconsider, reconstruct, regroup, recreate, recuperate, redefine, rediscover, redo, reemerge, re-evaluate, re-explore, reflect, reform, refresh, refuel, regain, re-emerge, regrow, re-claim, rehabilitate, re-harmonise, re-interpretate, re-introduce, renew, reinvigorate, rescue, rejoice, rejoin, rejuvenate, rekindle, relate, relax, relief, remake, remission, remold, renormalise, renovate, resolve, rescue, resolution, respect, rest, resourceful, retain, retrial, reunion, reunite, revamp, reward, reclaim, ROSE!


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