Have you ever had one of those moments…drifting into, or out-of, sleep, and time is suspended. Caught in a state of not being, yet being; and everything is completely not real, yet incredibly real.

I just had one of those moments. One of those moments between the state of sleep and awake, of reality and fantasy. And in that moment, I was watching my first born get out of our car at his new university campus and walk up to his freshman college group as instructed. I was dropping him with people that would now take my place – that would tell him right from wrong, and move into his head to determine priorities….and plans…and the future.

In that moment, I was there, I was RIGHT THERE and I was grieving and yet excited…not sure I’d given him everything I was supposed to give him and wishing I had just a little more time…just a couple more days when he was an infant and a toddler and a boy and a teen. I was desperate to turn back time, yet so excited to watch him step into his future.


All that was real.

And then I saw me, and HUSBAND and for a moment, we were untarnished by betrayal. We were there in that car, together, yet quickly my mind saw that we were the young couple that had pledged love and fidelity, that had birthed this boy now leaving us for college, that had spent tears of worry and mountains of time and money together for his best, that had figured out how to make sure there was always good food to eat and clean clothes in everyone’s room and school supplies and he’d gotten all the required shots, and it took us both and even though we were older, we’d achieved this and it was good and we were real, we were us.

As this all fluttered by quickly in my head as dreams do and then suddenly the images froze.

And shattered.


All that wasn’t real.

It wasn’t real, that picture that I thought was our life, and our family wasn’t the only story going on during much of our life together. I gasped, I jumped, I awoke fully.

In a rush, the pain and grief engulfed me, and I couldn’t get enough oxygen and I was being CRUSHED beneath the weight – yet as quickly as it came, it left. I still see it, but it is not covering me, and I can breathe again. I sit here now, contemplating the reality that I’m not sure what is reality then. Or then. Or then. So. Many. Thens.


So I will choose to live in now.





16 thoughts on “Transported

  1. I was going to use my humor to respond but this is too serious. I have never had one of those experiences and it may be a good thing. Our “family” was so dis functional, there weren’t many “good things” to look back on or relive.
    You weren’t having a TIA were you? May sound stupid but it sounds like one of those experiences where your life flashes before your eyes. Maybe too much stress.
    You’re right…live for the here and now. It’s all you can do.

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    1. Maybe it was the stress! I’ve had these kind of experiences between awake/asleep much of my life – always a startling moment, but now the added reality of not knowing reality…made for a different experience 🙂


  2. Your subconscious giving you a poke in the eye! The reminder that we cannot change the past. We cannot control the actions of others only ourself and our actions now will have no bearing on the past only the present and future. Also maybe when dreams are lost it doesn’t have to forever put a shadow over the good that was then. A perfect family? A perfect life? No. But there was good. Our lives were purposeful. And so we begin again because all is not lost.

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  3. I think we are all familiar with that wave of pain and grief rushing over us unexpectedly. It often happens to me when I am waking up and for a split second the memory of infidelity isn’t there…and then it is! I hate those moments. Hugs to you hon. X

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  4. Interesting, It must be the season for unconscious panic. It is a feeling we never get over, especially in regards to our kids. Did we arm them with enough of the right tools that when their education is complete we will still recognize them? It is a sad transition.

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