Just a wife and mom, living life completely unaware that there was another life going on for over 25 years in which I was a prime character. I have worked hard to understand how it happened, discover where truth stops and lies begin, how to integrate the real life with the other real life and to move forward, whole…healthy…with hope… I want this to be a place where back-stories and tough times can be painfully but beautifully unpeeled, and people with courage can find the potential for changing their future. No mean people allowed…but honest people and real feelings are WELCOME.

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  1. Beautifully introduced. So nice to meet you. So sad and sorry to do so her under then guise of infidelity. You write wonderfully.. Your blog so far the betrayal that is so painfully resonating.

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  2. I enjoy your writing style. You describe those first moments of discovery so well that I found myself with my heart racing and the bottom of my world falling out. Lucky I am now strong enough to just acknowledge that pain for what it was and cast it aside.
    Thank you and sorry you are in this most unfortunate club!

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  3. I have experienced similar traumas. I can say that the strong emotions began to soften when I embraced them and listened to their deeper messages. I sat in raging storms and in bleak frozen landscapes. I learned from and cared for my colored emotions and they became my allies of compassion and discernment. May you also find your allies on your path.

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  4. Pema says, “Pain + Resistance=Suffering” As a collector of quotes, I just read this one which also pertains to this suffering…..“Suffering is the desire for more options than reality offers, but reality is without options.” – Rodney Smith

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